Security Checkpoint

Copyright M.C. Questgend 2017 – all rights reserved

Reproduction and copying by any means is not allowed under copyright law. This is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance to characters, living or dead, business establishments or events are entirely coincidental.

WARNING: This book contains material of a very explicit sexual nature and is intended for adult audiences only.  The author does not condone unsafe sexual practices. 

When I made the decision to move to the United States, I thought I could rebuild my life and have a bright future; and for five years, it seemed to work out great. I was finishing college and planning a great career after graduation. My personal life was awesome too. I had a lot of friends, but no one too serious. Which brings me to today.

My friends and I were together at dinner as we always did on Friday night. Our conversations were usually about school or current events in our lives. Since we were all graduating, the topic of the evening turned to where we were all headed.
For some, it was off to law school or med school… for others, it was back home to try and find a job. For me, it was a little different. I had already landed a job and better still, I didn’t have to move away. We all continued to discuss our future plans when the subject turned to the spring break holiday.

The group thought about going down to Florida together and renting a condo on the beach where we could enjoy our time together before we all split apart. The thought of going to Florida sounded great so I was definitely in.
We continued to discuss it at dinner and since we had a few months it seemed like a perfect time to begin our preparations. Everyone had a job to do. We left no detail out. For me, I was in charge of stocking the pantry with food – arguably the easiest job.

After dinner, I got home, energized after our initial planning. As I got into bed and began to fall asleep, I jerked out of bed and immediately went to my computer. I realized that flying was going to be a problem for me. The fear of flying with my friends was going to be difficult.
Don’t misunderstand; I am not afraid of flying, just afraid of my friends finding out the truth.

For the last five years, I was able to conceal the fact that I am a man. I left home because my parents couldn’t handle it and outside of the university and my doctor, no one else knows. My fear was that I would be detained by airport security. I had read about others like me that were stopped and searched because their appearance did not match their identification. What was worse is that it could happen in front of all of my friends.

As close as I had become to my friends, we never even approached the subject of the transgender community. What I knew of my friends was they were never prejudiced against gay or lesbian individuals, but it was never a long topic of discussion. How would they react if they knew the truth? Was there any way I could still go and not have to fly? Maybe I could fly earlier or later to avoid the embarrassment. This kept me up all night and into the morning. Over the next few days, I tried to figure out what to do.
I went to the airport a couple of times, just to see if there was a way for me to avoid the security checkpoint.
I searched online to see if there were others like me that had to deal with similar situations.

After a week of searching, with almost no answers, I thought it might be better to make up an excuse not to go. I figured, if I could convince my friends that I was fearful of flying, they would understand.

“What do you mean you aren’t going?” James asked.

“Yeah, Bri… you have to go,” Ashley said.

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t fly,” I said.

“Bri, I don’t understand.
Are you just scared of flying?” Ashley asked.

“I just can’t fly.” I said, “I couldn’t handle it.”

“Well, driving is out,” James said.

He was right, driving across the country was not going to work. We considered another location that was closer, but everyone wanted to hit the beaches in Florida.

“We can’t go without Bri,” Ashley said.

“No, you can go without me,” I said.

“No, it isn’t the same.” Sara added, “You are part of us and we want you to go.”

“Okay, let’s keep things as they are. We will figure it out.” James said.

I immediately agreed as the subject changed to something else, but continued to return to the trip.
Everyone was trying to see if there was a way I could fly. I heard a number of remedies. Everything from anxiety pills to alcohol. I suggested I could drive down early and set everything up before everyone arrived. This seemed to quiet everyone down, but Sara and James didn’t like the idea of me driving across the country.

A couple of weeks later, just as everyone was leaving for the winter holidays, Sara came to my apartment and asked what I was planning during the break.

“I was just going to hang out here.” I said, “I figured, I would probably pack up a few things and put them in storage until graduation.”

“Bri, I don’t understand why you don’t go home to England,” Sara said.

“For the same reason I can’t fly to Florida and because it is too expensive,” Bri replied.

“That may work for everyone else, but not with me.” Sara said, “Tell me what is going on.”

“Nothing,” I said.

“Look you don’t fly.
You don’t visit or even talk to your family. Something’s missing.” Sara suggested.

“I appreciate the concern, but I am okay.” I said, “Go.
Go enjoy your time with your family.”

“Why don’t you come with me?” she asked.

“I couldn’t.” I said, “That time is for you and your family. I don’t want to intrude.”

After arguing with Sara for a few minutes, I wore her down and she left. I wasn’t very happy to be so rude and secretive, but it was better than the alternative of telling her the truth. So, I spent the holidays alone in my apartment. I put up a small tree next to the television and as planned packed up a few boxes and moved them into storage. The holidays were always a depressing and lonely time for me. On campus, it was lonely. No one around, and just the stillness of the snowfall, without the noise of others. When I ventured out to eat or just to get away from the apartment – it was much of the same. I would often drive through a nearby neighborhood and see a fleet of cars parked in the street as relatives arrived to spend time with their individual families.
Restaurants were almost empty and it was sad to walk in and sit at a table for one. It wasn’t uncommon to get a free meal out of it because I was by myself on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but it was a short time to go through these feelings. Once everyone returned, I would be fine. Only this time was a little different.

The day after Christmas, Sara called me and asked me if I could pick her up from the airport.
Never hesitating I agreed and waited for her at baggage claim. We hugged and headed to the car when she asked if she could stay with me until after the new year since the on-campus dorms were not available until after January 1st. I hesitated initially but told her that was fine and we headed over to my apartment.
After arriving, I immediately went to the bedroom to clean up and get it ready for her.

“You don’t have to do that, Bri,” Sara said.

“No, I’ve been lazy and it really needed to get done anyway,” I replied.

I continued to clean up as she wandered around the apartment. While she had been here many times before, this time was different as I was unprepared. Usually, I hide anything that might give my true identity away, so I was scrambling so she didn’t find anything. Sara was arguably my closest friend of the seven of us. We talked quite a bit, but almost never about me. That was now going to change.

“Hey Bri, come here,” Sara said.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Sit down,” she said.

As I sat down, I noticed Sara looked very serious at me and I was really concerned.

“How long have we known each other?” she asked.

“About four years,” I replied.

“I consider you my closest friend, Bri. I trust you with everything,” she explained.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I’m fine, but I don’t think you trust me the same way I trust you,” she said.

“I don’t understand,” I replied.

“I think there is something you are not telling me,” she said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Look Bri, you can trust me, I will keep your secret,” she said.

“What secret?” I asked hoping it was not the real secret I was hiding from her.

She leaned over and handed me a paper from the clinic that was about three years old. It was the report that the clinic wrote up after I had stomach pains. The report indicated the initial menstrual diagnosis, but after learning the truth about my gender, they re-examined me and determined it to be an intestinal infection. I thought she never knew since she waited for me outside the exam room. I didn’t know what to say to her. I was so afraid of what everyone would think of me. I bowed my head in front of her and continued to think of the words.

“I am sorry, but I worry about you. Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked.

“I didn’t want anyone to find out,” I said.

“I don’t understand, we are your friends,” she said.

“You may not want to be after this,” I said.

“I’m still here, aren’t I?” she asked.

“Does everyone else know?” I asked.

“Ashley knows, but I don’t think anyone else does,” she replied.

“You told Ashley?” I asked angrily.

“No, she found out on her own.” she explained, “She worked in records last year, remember.”

“Sorry, I just don’t want anyone thinking differently about me,” I said.

“Is this why you didn’t want to fly?” she asked.

“Yeah.” I replied.

We continued to talk and I was starting to calm down a little as she re-enforced our trust in each other. Figuring out what to do going forward, we talked about the trip. Still a couple of months away, I wasn’t convinced I could fly without being discovered.

“What if we do this?” she explained, “What if you and I go to the airport early and get passed security?
That way no one will know.”

“That might work.” I replied, “But I thought the plan was we all go together.”

“We can work through that,” she said as her phone rang.

“Hi Ash,” she said.

Then after a short pause, she said, “No I am at Bri’s.”

The two spoke for a couple of minutes and after she hung up the phone, she told me that the three of us would be going shopping the next day. This was not a big deal as we had gone shopping many times in the past, but I was still uncomfortable. That night as Sara was getting ready for bed, I pulled a sheet and blanket from my closet and was preparing to sleep on the couch.

“Where are you going?” Sara asked.

“I was going to sleep on the couch,” I replied.

“Nope, get in bed,” she said.

“I don’t think that is a good idea,” I replied.

“Don’t be silly, we can share a bed for one night,” she said.

I had never slept in the same bed with a woman. I was very nervous about the whole thing. I slid over to the far end of the bed and turned my back to Sara. She noticed this immediately but didn’t say anything. After falling asleep I rolled over towards the middle and felt her up against me. I woke up quickly and tried to move back over to the edge, but she wrapped her arm around me and kept me close. I tried several times to move without waking her, but finally gave up and tried to get some sleep. The next morning, I felt her head on my chest and her leg wrapped around mine. I didn’t want to move, but needed to get up to use the bathroom. I carefully moved her until she rolled over and fell back to sleep.

After walking into the bathroom, I looked in the mirror to find I was fully erect. This had not happened in a long time and scared me. I didn’t want to ruin the relationship I had with Sara. I remained in the bathroom until I was calm then quietly walked into the kitchen and began to fix breakfast. About an hour later, Ash arrived and the two of us sat in the living room while Bri slept.
I never said anything to her about the day before and Ash never mentioned it either. I guess she felt it was too uncomfortable for me to talk about.
Bri eventually staggered out of the bedroom and noticed Ashley.

“Good morning sunshine,” Ashley said.

“Shut up bitch.” Sara said.

The two continued to exchange pleasantries and just before Sara walked back into the bedroom to get dressed, she walked over to Ashley and kissed her. Not a simple peck on the cheek. A deep passionate kiss that would make your toes curl up. I sat there and watched them make out in front of me – never knowing they were this close. When Sara walked back to the bedroom, I looked at Ashley and as she wiped her mouth and fixed her lipstick, she noticed my look of shock.

“What?” Ashley said.

“Sorry, nothing…” I replied as I got up and moved to the kitchen.

Ashley walked to the bedroom and immediately came back out and stood in front of me. She had a look of relief, which was far from the look I had looking back at her.

“You know you should have told us,” Ashley said.

“I know, but you know why I didn’t,” I replied.

She took my hand and said, “I know you’re scared, but you have us to help you.”

“I know that now,” I replied.

Sara came out and joined us and the three of us shared a group hug before leaving. We hit the mall and enjoyed the day shopping for new outfits and returning a few gifts. Both Ashley and Sara became curious about me. Over the years they had accumulated a number of questions they wanted to ask. Now they were free to ask. They started safely by asking about my past in England but quickly moved to more personal questions.

“Do you think your folks will ever come around?” Ashley asked as we sat in the food court.

“I don’t know. I would hope someday they might.” I replied.

“Did you have a boyfriend?” Sara asked.

“No.” I said, “I was pretty much in the closet when I was home. I never really stepped out until I got here.”

“So no girlfriend either?” Ashley asked.

“I had a girlfriend, but that ended when I told her,” I replied.

“And now?” Ashley asked.

“Nope. Never really had the opportunity.” I said.

“What about James?” Ashley asked.

“James?” I asked.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t know,” Ashley replied.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, “Does he know?”

“I doubt it, but you know he is bi,” Sara said.

“It never occurred to me.
I have been trying so hard to keep all of this private.” I explained.

“Maybe you should talk to him,” Sara said.

“I don’t know.” I said.

“One of us is going to make a run at you.” Sara said, “I mean when you are as equipped as you are, one of us is going to want some of that action.”

“Sara!!!” Ashley said.

“What? You should have seen Bri this morning.” Sara said.

“Shut up Sara,” Ashley said again.

I just turned bright red and was so embarrassed. As we left the food court and headed out to the car, I started to think about what they said. Sex was something I thought about, but figured I could never have until I made the decision to transition. Now I had the opportunity to be with a man or a woman. Where does that put me? Gay, straight, bi… or just a freak looking for action? We got back to the apartment and sat down to rest after all the walking we did at the mall. As we all laid together on the couch, I kept thinking about James and the girls. Inexperienced, I decided to rely on them.

“Should I tell James?” I asked.

“Are you attracted to him?” Sara asked.

“I don’t know. He has been such a great friend and has always looked out for me.” I replied.

“You know he is attracted to you,” Sara said.

“No, I didn’t, but so what he is attracted to the shell.” I explained, “What is he going to think of what is underneath?”

“You won’t know until you talk to him,” Sara said.

“Aren’t you jumping the gun a little, are you sure he is what you want?” Ashley asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied.

“I don’t want to be too personal, but how many partners have you had?” Ashley asked.

“One. My ex-girlfriend.” I said.

“What?” Ashley asked.

“It was a tough time after I talked to her and sex was not on my hit parade,” I explained.

Ashley and Sara looked at each other in shock that I had only had one sexual partner. I myself wasn’t sure what else to say. Sex was not a big part of me and was never something I tried to pursue. Now it was worse as I wasn’t even sure what I wanted in a partner.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I learned more about the relationship Sara and Ashley had and how they came together. I realized that it was important to me to have someone close to me that was more than just a friend. Sara and Ashley were very close and I could see how much they cared for each other. I now wanted that type of love. If I tried to pursue that with James, it could damage what we have now, and worse it could damage what I have with the others. So I decided to leave it alone and asked Sara and Ashley not to say anything.

The next few weeks the topic of the trip continued. Sara and I had decided that we would surprise everyone at the airport and check in early so I could avoid any issues with security. This didn’t prevent everyone else from exploring other ideas on how to get me to fly. While all of this was going on I began noticing James a lot more. He and I had always been friends, but I was becoming more attracted to him. Knowing how he felt about me and the fact that he was bisexual made it a little easier, but not easy enough to talk to him about it.

It was now the day of the trip. Everything was all set, but there was a new wrinkle.

“Hey, where are you at?”
I asked

“Sorry, Ash and I a running really late,” Sara said.

“So what are we doing?” I asked again.

“I called James since he is close by. He is picking you up.” Sara said.

“What?” I asked.

“Don’t worry it will be okay,” Sara said.

Before I had a chance to find an excuse not to go, there was a knock at the door.

“Ready to go?” James asked.

“I guess so,” I replied.

He grabbed my bag and we left for the airport. I was so nervous and worried about how I was going to get through security without being detained. I could tell James was excited about the trip as he talked really fast the entire way.
Talking about almost anything – just at lightning speed. I remained silent during the short drive to the airport. James was nice enough to carry my bag into the airport while I continued to find a way to keep my identity a secret. I tried going to the bathroom, urging James to go on ahead and I would meet him at the gate. Like a gentleman, he waited. He rushed me up to security and at that point, there was no turning back.

We walked together through the line and when I handed the TSA agent my passport and boarding pass, I was immediately asked to move to the side. James wasn’t sure what was happening, but I told him it was probably just a random check. When James was asked if we were traveling together, he was also asked to stand with me.
We both proceeded through the screening and were then escorted to a private room. Things had just gotten worse. I was so worried about being detained and now I am being detained with James. How am I supposed to explain this? Before I could come up with the right words to explain it to James, a TSA agent walked in. After our bags were searched, we were asked about our trip and personal information. James was more irritated than scared. I on the other hand was dreading the questions that were coming my way.

“How long have you lived in the United States?” the TSA Agent asked.

“A little more than four years,” I replied as James observed.

“You are currently enrolled in college?” the agent asked.

“Yes, we both are,” James responded.

“Sir. you can step outside.” the agent instructed James.

“I would prefer to wait for my girlfriend,” James replied.

“Sir, please wait outside.” the agent said.

“It’s okay James,” I said.

James stepped outside and the TSA Agent continued the questioning.

“How long have you and he been together?” the agent asked.

“We’re just friends,” I replied.

There was a short pause, followed by the agent asking me to stand up and I was scanned with a wand.
When that was done. The agent looked closely at my face. Walked to the table and zipped my suitcase and handed me my passport.

“You may want to consider getting your identification changed so this doesn’t happen in the future.” the agent said.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“Have a nice flight.” the agent said as he opened the door.

I walked out of the room and in the distance I could see all of my friends. As I walked over to them I was met first by James who asked if I was okay, then by Ashley and Sara. We walked down to the gate and made it just as the boarding began. We got to our seats and I sat in the aisle next to Sara and Ashley and James sat in the other aisle seat next to me. The first part of the flight was fine, although James could tell I was so uncomfortable about being detained. He tried a few times to talk about our plans in Florida, but I wasn’t really in a talkative mood. After we landed, we rented a van and drove to the condo in Ft. Lauderdale. When we arrived, I checked to make sure everything was delivered that I ordered.

While everyone else settled in, I decided to go for a walk on the beach. As I watched the sunset, I kept thinking about what the TSA agent told me.
This was going to continue unless I made a decision about where my life was heading. I had considered transitioning, but my life had been so much better since I came to the US that I didn’t think I needed to. Now things are different, especially with the travel situation.
While I had a job waiting for me, I still had to consider how I would handle the confusion when it came to matching my appearance to my identification. As I started to cry, I was immediately startled.

“We were wondering where you ran off to,” James said from behind me.

“Sorry, I just wanted to relax a bit.” I said, “It was a long trip.”

James noticed I had been crying and asked, “Are you okay?”

I wiped the tears and replied, “Yeah I’m okay.”

“Are you sure?” he said as he put his hands gently on my shoulders.

“I just feel embarrassed about this morning. I don’t know… just not the way I wanted to start the trip.” I replied.

“Well you made it.
We’re here.” he said, “I am really glad you came.”

He looked seductively into my eyes and I hugged him. As I pressed my head against his chest, I could feel his heart racing. We looked at each other and he leaned in to kiss me.
I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just let him. Afterward, we started walking back up to the house where we met up with the rest of our friends. We spent the first night at the house where James, Rick, and George grilled up the chicken and ribs we ordered. While they drank and cooked, the girls and I sat on the deck enjoying the night air.
This is where curiosity got to Sara and Ashley.

“So how was it?” Ashley asked.

“How was what?” I asked.

“You know…” Ashley replied.

“We saw you from here Bri,” Sara said.

“Oh…” I said as I started to blush, “… uh it was nice.”

The two looked at me with a sarcastic smile. As they did James fixed me a plate and brought it to me.

“What nothing for us?” Sara said to James.

“Yeah, you just take care of Bri and we have to starve?” Ashley asked sarcastically.

James smiled and walked away. As he did Sara and Ashley probed me for a plan moving forward.

“Did you tell him?” Sara asked.

“No,” I replied.

“He is so into you.” Ashley said, “You are going to have to tell him.”

“I know. I’m just not sure how.” I replied.

We quietly talked about it; and aside from the sarcastic jokes they made, they agreed to help me.
The next day, I got up and walked out on the deck while everyone else was still asleep. I watched the sun brighten up the beach and noticed James jogging on the beach. I picked up a bottle of water and walked out to meet him.

“You’re up early,” James said as he was catching his breath.

“So are you,” I said as I handed him the water bottle.

“The rest of the crew won’t be up for a while, want to go for a walk?” James asked.

“Sure,” I said

As we walked on the beach, we talked about a lot of things. I learned more about him than I ever had before. I learned that he was the only one of us that grew up in Oregon.
He was also a very fine athlete – which we had guessed already from his finely cut body, but an injury prevented him from playing professionally. We seemed to get closer with each passing moment as we learned more about each other.
We talked about my time growing up in England and he asked about my family.

“To be honest, we are not close anymore,” I said.

“Sorry to hear that,” James said.

“It’s okay. I’ve learned to accept it.” I replied.

“Was it because you were leaving to come to the States?” he asked.

“Partially. We had a falling out and I needed a new start.” I replied.

“Can I ask you something?” he said as he stopped to face me.

“Sure.” I replied.

“Does it bother you that I am bisexual?” he asked.

“Of course not. Why would you think that?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I am very attracted to you and I just thought you didn’t like me because I also like men,” he said.

“No, it doesn’t bother me… and I am sorry if I gave you that idea.” I said, “I think you are great and I really like you. I just kept my distance because I wasn’t sure what I wanted and to be honest I didn’t want it to change our relationship.”

We hugged again and before we turned around to head back to the house, we kissed passionately. As he held me I could feel the tingling sensation throughout my body. I wanted him in the worst way. We walked back to the house holding hands and after he took a shower he joined me back on the deck as we had some coffee and watched other people walking on the beach.

Sara and Ashley got up about an hour later and saw us talking outside. When I saw them in the kitchen I quickly excused myself from the table and walked inside and took them both to the bedroom.

“You have to help me,” I said.

“What do you mean?” Sara asked.

“I need to figure out a way of telling James without jeopardizing our friendship,” I said.

We thought for a minute and figured out that in order to do this, James and I would have to be alone.
Something intimate. Intimacy would have to be observed in every detail, so we decided to go into town and do some shopping. While Sara and I went to the local shopping mall, Ashley talked to Rick and George and planned to drive down to South Beach in Miami. She also talked to James and told him that I wanted to have dinner with him alone. When Sara and I returned, Ashley joined us in my bedroom and got us caught up on the evening’s plans.

About five o’clock that evening, Ashley, Sara, Rick, and George headed down to Miami and I began preparing dinner. James offered to help a few times, but I quickly dismissed him. While dinner was warming in the oven, I went back to the bedroom to get ready. I wanted the night to be special for both of us so I bought a few things that would make me feel sexy and hopefully turn him on.

I wore a tight black dress that covered the black lace bra and panties as well as the black nylons that caressed my long legs; and as he commented many times before, I wore my hair just like he liked it, down. I sprayed on some perfume and went back to the kitchen to serve dinner. When I walked out, James stood up and looked at me – still dressed in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

“Wow, I didn’t know this was a formal dinner,” he said.

“It’s okay.” I replied.

He walked up to me and said, “You look absolutely beautiful.”

“Thanks, I was hoping you would like it. I don’t get dressed up that often back home,” I replied.

He started to put his hands on my back and hips but I wanted him to wait before unwrapping his gift, so I moved his hands and asked him to sit down at the table. We sat and had a great candlelit dinner and talked. It was important to me that the secret be revealed before we took any further steps forward. I danced around the subject a few times asking about his past relationships, but as we finished dinner, there wasn’t much else to talk about.

“There’s something I have to tell you,” I said.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“I am not sure how to say this, and I am not sure you will feel the same way after I do,” I said.

“Tell me,” he said.

“I mean I really like you and I want to be closer to you, but I am not sure if we can be,” I said.

“Take your time.” he said, “I really like you too, but if we are going to get closer, I think you need to tell me whatever you need to tell me.”

“I know. It’s just hard to talk about.” I said.

“I understand, I think.
If you don’t want to that’s okay.
Maybe we are moving too fast anyway.” he said.

Before he could say another word I interrupted him and said, “I am really a man.”

As soon as I said it I couldn’t look at him. He remained quiet waiting for me to say something else. When I didn’t he decided to make the next move.

“Bri, look at me,” he said.

I slowly looked up at him and he was smiling at me.

“I knew this when I met you,” he said.

I looked at him shocked that he would say that and asked, “How did you know?”

“Well, I suspected when we met and as we got to know each other I started to put the pieces together,” he explained.

“Are you mad?” I asked.

“Why should I be?” he replied.

We continued talking for a few more minutes and when I got up to put the dishes in the sink, he helped me and then helped himself… to me.

He spun me around and propped me up on the counter and kissed me deeply. I felt his tongue caress the inside of my mouth as his hands did the same to my back. I slowly wrapped my legs around his waist and held him close to me. He picked me up as I clutched his body and he walked me into the bedroom. He unzipped my dress and slid it over my shoulders causing it to fall to the floor.
As we continued to kiss I began to unbutton his jeans and began to pull them down. I stepped out of the dress and began to kneel in front of him. I ran my fingers down his chest and over his underwear, which tightly held his rock-hard cock in place.

I pulled down his underwear and watched his cock pop right out in front of my mouth. As he stood there, he looked down to watch as I slowly stroked him with my hand. He was getting very excited as he began to talk fast once again.

“Oh I want you so bad, Bri,” he said.

“I want you to, baby,” I replied.

I then took a firm grip of his cock and began to lick him uncontrollably. Once I had him nice and wet, I began to suck his cock taking in every inch of his meat.

“Oh that feels so good,” he said.

“Do you like that baby?” I asked.

“Oh yeah.” he replied.

“Do you like it when I swallow your cock?” I asked

“Oh yeah I love it when you suck my cock.” he replied.

His head now back and eyes shut, I continued to mouth fuck him. I wasn’t sure where we were headed, but I didn’t care, I wanted James all to myself. I could feel his body shake as he tried to pull away, but I was not willing to let go.
He finally disconnected my mouth from his shaft and pulled me up and laid me on the bed. He dropped to his knees and slid his hands up my nylon-covered legs and pulled down the lace panties unleashing my fully erect cock, which had already breached the waistband. He began to caress me slowly as I became fully aroused. My head fell back onto the pillow as he began pleasuring me orally.

“Oh my god that feels so good,” I said.

He remained quiet as he sucked my cock over and over. As his tongue pleasured my shaft, his hands tickled my balls causing me to jerk without warning.

“Oh god, I want you to fuck me,” I said.

“Not yet, baby,” he replied.

“I want you now,” I said again.

“SHHHHHH,” he replied as he continued to blow me.

“You’re going to make me cum.” I said, “AHHHHH… OOOHHHHH…. I’M CUMMING…. I’M CUMMING…. UUUHHHHHHH.”

As I came, he never released his grip. I shot my white hot load into his mouth and he never moved an inch. After I was done, he pulled me closer to him and pulled my legs up in the air. He wet my man pussy and his cock and slowly began to push the tip against my opening.

“Oh, that feels so good,” I said.

“You want me?” he asked.

“I want you inside me, baby,” I replied.

He continued to push against my hole until I was ready to fully receive. He then penetrated me – slowly sliding his cock all the way inside me.

“AAAHHHHHEEEEEEE… oh god that feels so good, baby,” I said as I adjusted to the painful pleasure.

“You are so tight baby. I love your tight pussy.” he replied.

“Give it to me baby.
Slide your cck inside my tight pussy.” I said.

“OHHHHHH I love it.
It feels so good baby.” he said.

“Faster baby, fuck me faster,” I said.

“You like it when I ram into you don’t you,” he said as he slapped my ass.

”Oh god yes, fuck me harder, baby… Smack my ass and ram that cock inside me.” I replied.

He continued to push his cock inside me. Over and over as he spanked me until my ass was nice and pink. I could feel him slowing down, but I wanted him to finish.

“Come on baby, fuck me…. FUCK ME…. I want you to cum inside me.” I said.

“I am going to cum baby,” he said.



He continued to slide in and out of me as I could feel the inside of my pussy warming as he shot his load inside me. He slowly pulled out and my muscles cramped up as I fell to the side. As my legs came back down to earth, I could feel the cum oozing out of my hole. James, slide up onto the bed and spooned with me until he fell asleep. I carefully slid out of bed and jumped into the shower.
As I washed my body, I couldn’t help thinking about how great the night was. As I got out of the shower, I picked up our clothes and laid them on the chair, and got back into bed with him. A few hours later, in the darkness, I heard the bedroom door open but was too tired to acknowledge the visitor.

The next morning, I woke up and noticed James was still asleep. I got up and walked to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, but instead was met by the group and two new people that they brought home.

“Looks like everyone had a great night last night didn’t they,” Rick said.

“So you must have been great if he is still crashed out,” Sara said.

“Stop it guys.” I said.

After the joking applause was over, I poured my cup of coffee and was planning to walk out on the beach. Ashley and Sara joined me and the jokes were replaced with a bit of curiosity but unwavering support.

“So how did he take it?” Sara asked.

“He already knew,” I replied.

“Are you guys okay?” Sara asked.

“I think so,” I said.

Ashley never said a word; she just reached out and hugged me. Both appeared very happy for me. We heard more applause in the distance and turned to watch James walk out on the deck. When he saw us out on the beach he decided to join us. As he walked towards us, Ashley and Sara walked back inside the house, greeting him as they walked by.

“Good morning,” he said as he leaned down to kiss me.

“Good morning.” I replied, “How are you feeling?”

“I might ask you the same thing,” he replied.

“I’m fine. A little sore but fine.” I replied.

“Me too, you have a lot of energy,” he said.

“You did most of the work,” I replied.

“Are you sorry we did this?” he asked.

“Are you kidding me?” I replied, “I wish we had done this sooner.”

We hugged and began walking down the beach as the sun came up. It was the greatest experience I have ever had in my life.

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