Getting Even

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Reproduction and copying by any means is not allowed under copyright law. This is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance to characters, living or dead, business establishments or events are entirely coincidental.

WARNING: This book contains material of a very explicit sexual nature and is intended for adult audiences only.  The author does not condone unsafe sexual practices. 

Karen and George have been married for a number of years. George travels on business quite a bit and Karen is a part-time schoolteacher.
The two value their time apart as much as they do their time together. The time they have a part builds sexual tension, which explodes when the two are reunited.

Karen has a small close-knit group of friends that she visits with while George is away. And as girlfriends do… they talk ALL THE TIME about almost anything. Her friends are somewhat jealous of Karen since she doesn’t really have to work and has a great life with her husband. That would soon be the topic of discussion after one of Karen’s friends encounters her worse fear.

The girls were planning a lunch date at their favorite hangout. George was in town but had to take care of a few things before hitting the road. Karen arrived at the restaurant to only find one of the girls, Mary at the table.

“Where are Trish and Tammy?” Karen asked.

“Oh, you have to sit down, let me tell you what happened,” Mary said.

Mary was eager to fill Karen in on what happened – so much so she couldn’t sit still. She told Karen that Trish and her husband split up last night and her sister Tammy was with Trish helping her move out.

“Oh my god… what happened?” Karen asked.

“Trish found pictures on his phone and then followed him to the skank’s house,”
Mary explained.

“What did he say about it?” Karen asked.

“He denied it of course.” Mary replied, “Lying bastard.”

“What is she going to do?” Karen asked.

“Trish is moving in with Tammy for now until they finalize everything,”
Mary replied.

“They are getting a divorce?” Karen asked.

“Looks that way,” Mary said.

They continued talking about Trish and her recent demise. The more they talked the more Mary insinuated that George was no different than Trish’s husband. While Karen continued to defend her husband and their relationship, in the back of her mind it started to make her wonder. When she returned home, she decided to investigate further… if for no other reason piece of mind.

She started by going through George’s suitcase that he always kept in his office in plain sight.
After digging through it, she started to feel silly that she would even suspect George would be unfaithful, but her search continued. Later that night after George went up to bed, she picked up his phone from the table where he left it to charge overnight and began looking through text messages and photos looking for anything suspicious… and again found nothing.

She started to think she was overreacting. Mary was simply a messenger and has always been a little jealous of their relationship.
She herself was still single and dates a lot – never settling down, so she was probably not the expert to discuss relationships with anyway… so she dropped the notion altogether.

A couple of days later George was on another business trip and while Tammy was trying to help Trish put her life back together Mary visited with Karen like always… this time at Karen’s house.

“Hey, Mary. Come on in.” Karen said as she opened the front door.

“Hey K, how’s it going?” Mary asked

“Fine, anything new with Trish?” Karen asked.

“No, pretty much the same.” Mary replied, “How about with you?”

“What do you mean?” Karen asked.

“I talked to George yesterday.” Mary explained, “We saw each other at the store and I mentioned Trish and as we were talking he suggested you might be checking up on him.”

Denying the obvious, Karen replied, “That’s ridiculous.”

“Ridiculous or not, it was strange that he would suggest you suspect him of cheating on you.” Mary said, “Why would he talk to me about it much less bring it up at all?”

“I don’t know… maybe because we have been friends for a long time,” Karen replied.

“Well, I think you should talk to him and find out what is going on,” Mary replied.

Karen changed the subject and the two visited for a little while, but when the conversation steered its way back to the possible infidelity, Mary decided it was time to leave.
After George returned, Karen thought it was a good idea to clear the air a little with George and see what was going on.

As the two laid in bed together, Karen said to George, “Did you hear about Trish?”

“Yeah, Mary filled me in,” George replied.

“When did you talk to Mary?” Karen asked.

“I saw her a couple of days ago at the store.” he replied, “I always seem to run into her there.”

“Yeah, she always seems to pop up and strange times,” Karen said.

Then George cornered Karen slightly by asking, “So, did you find what you were looking for?”

“What do you mean?” Karen replied.

“I know you went through my bag and my phone the other day,” George said.

Karen hesitated and said, “I’m sorry about that.”

“I understand. Between Mary and the situation with Trish, I guess it is natural to suspect me.”
George explained.

“I’m just glad you are not,” Karen replied as she leaned in and kissed George before they went to bed.

The next day, Karen got up early and decided to make breakfast for George. George came down in a rush and had to go into the office, so he grabbed a quick bite as he left. As he drove away, Mary was pulling up.

“I see George is rushing off again,” Mary said.

“Oh shut up Mary,” Karen said as the two walked up the sidewalk to the house., “You are always trying to stir up something.”

“Maybe I am trying to protect my friends,” Mary said as she closed the front door.

“I talked to George and he told me he talked to you the other day,” Karen said.

“And?” Mary replied.

“And… nothing, I trust him,” Karen said as she walked into George’s office and grabbed his suitcase.

“What are you doing?” Mary asked.

“If he were cheating on me, don’t you think he would hide it better?” Karen said as she opened the suitcase, “You see… nothing.”

“He doesn’t need souvenirs.” Mary said, “Look I am not saying he is, but if he were, I doubt he would be dumb enough to bring it into the house.”

“Let’s just drop it… “ Karen said.

The two went back up to the kitchen and had breakfast and talked about other things. Mary talked about her latest encounter with the opposite sex and how she role-played for the first time. Karen was a little shocked at how graphic Mary was but was not shocked at the roleplaying as she and George often role-played together. About an hour later, George came back from the office.

“Sorry honey, I only have a minute, I need to head up to Chicago to take care of a client,” George explained.

“No problem, do you need help packing?” Karen asked.

“No, but could you drop me off at the airport?” George asked.

“I can do it.” Mary said, “I was going to head out anyway.”

“No it’s no problem, I can take him,” Karen said.

“Don’t be silly, it’s on my way anyway,” Mary replied.

“Well while you figure it out, I am going to go pack,” George said.

George rushed upstairs and Mary and Karen continue to battle over the taxi service with Mary ultimately winning. As Karen walked Mary to the car and while George was still getting ready to leave, Mary reminded Karen that evidence is not in plain sight… but sometimes it is.

“As George came out of the house, Mary said to Karen, “Remember that souvenirs may not be in the house but they are sometimes close by.”

“What are you talking about?” Karen asked.

“Nothing, I’ll come back later,” Mary said.

“Ready to go?” Mary asked George.

“Yep… See you tomorrow night baby.” George said to Karen as he kissed her.

The two left and Karen went about the rest of her day. Later that afternoon, Mary returned, and this time with a purpose.

“Find anything new?” Mary asked.

“What do you mean?” Karen asked.

“Come with me,” Mary said.

Karen followed Mary out to the front… of George’s car. She asked for the keys and opened the trunk. There she found a duffel bag.

“Open it,” Mary said.

“Why?” Karen said, “What’s going on? Do you know what’s in it?”

“I told you that they may not be in the house but they would be close by,” Mary replied.

“I don’t want to open it,” Karen said still in denial.

“Okay, fine, let’s go in and talk… there is something you need to hear.” Mary said as she grabbed the bag.

Karen now started to understand that Mary knew more about her husband than she did. Not just because of the fact that Mary had known George since high school, but also because of recent events. What she learned would knock her to her knees.

“First off, let me put your mind at ease… he’s not having an affair,” Mary said.

“Okay… and how would you even know that… what is all of this about?” Karen asked.

“It is about George’s past,” Mary said.

“What about it?” Karen replied.

“How much do you really know?” Mary said.

“I thought I knew everything, but I think you know more,” Karen said.

“I do and it is not easy to hear.” Mary said, “To be honest, it is not even something I can explain… so I am going to give you a minute and when you are ready, open the bag. I will explain after you’ve had a chance to soak this in.”

Mary left the room for a minute and it wasn’t long before Karen screamed out, and Mary returned quickly to see Karen throwing clothes around the room.

“Karen… Karen… slow down.” Mary said as she tried to hold her.

“Why would he lie to me… that cheating bastard,” Karen said.

“He is not cheating on you,” Mary said.

“Who is she? Who’s the whore he is sleeping with?” Karen angrily asked.

“I said, he is not cheating on you,” Mary replied.

“Then whose clothes are these?” Karen asked.

Mary hesitated for a quick second and said, “They belong to George.”

“What?” Karen asked.

“Sit down, Karen, and I will tell you everything I know,” Mary said.

Karen became impatient and before Mary could begin to explain, she started asking questions.

“Is he gay?…” Karen asked.

“Karen please calm down and try to relax. I will tell you everything.” Mary replied.

Mary explained to Karen that George was a crossdresser and had been one since he was a kid. His mother introduced him to it after George’s father left them and in her loneliness, his mother needed a female friend in her life and that was hard to do with a young boy around, so she forced him to dress as a woman and the two would talk in the house like Mary and Karen talk now. As he got older, and about the time Mary met George, he was dressing on his own and shopping by himself. After his mother died, he was eighteen and allowed to live on his own. He spent more time at home dressed and began skipping school and work. That is when I found out.

“How did you find out?” Karen asked.

“I caught him?” Mary said, “I thought he had a girl over at the house, but I quickly learned it was George.”

“Why didn’t he tell me?” Karen asked.

“I am not sure, but I asked him the same question and I think he is just embarrassed,” Mary said.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Karen asked.

“It wasn’t my place, but I will tell you I begged him to talk to you about it, so this could be avoided,” Mary replied.

“I don’t know what to do,” Karen said.

”Listen, I have known you both for a long time and I know that there is a lot of love there between you, and you also have to know that this is a part of who he is, and if you accepted him before you accepted this part of him even though it was not as obvious.” Mary explained.

“I don’t know if I can accept all of this.” Karen said, “I still feel betrayed… it would have been easier if he were just cheating on me.”

“Let me ask you something.” Mary said, “You said you role-played before, would this be any different?”

“I don’t know, maybe,” Karen replied.

“You mean that if he told you he wanted to switch roles you wouldn’t approve?”
Mary asked.

“Switching roles I am okay with but this is much different,” Karen said.

“Okay, then let me just ask… what do you want to do?” Mary asked, “I will tell you that if you can’t accept this… I can and would welcome him with open arms.”

“That’s is not a shock Mary,” Karen said, “You have been after him since before we met.”

“True, but I also know his past as you do now and it doesn’t change how I feel about him.” Mary said, “Right now you are angry and want him to feel how you feel…”

“And how do I feel?” Karen asked.

“Angry. Out of control. Punished in some small way.” Mary said.

“Yeah I guess so,” Karen said.

“And you want to punish him so he will never make you feel this way again, right?” Mary asked.

“Yes,” Karen replied.

“Then give him something he is not expecting and remind him of what he is going to lose in you,” Mary said.

“What do you mean?” Karen asked.

“I am going to tell you a secret he told me years ago. Give him this and then you can do whatever you want to afterward, but if you want him to hurt – you need to show him what he is going to lose.”
Mary explained, “I can give you a hand if you want.”

Karen agreed and the two began preparations. It was decided that George was going to live out his darkest fantasy and be under Karen’s control. First Mary had to teach Karen a few things and loan her a few things in the process. The next day, Mary picked up George at the airport.

“Hey, I thought Karen was picking me up,” George said.

“Change of plans, she asked me to pick you up,” Mary replied.

As Mary drove away from the airport, George noticed it was very quiet in the car.

“Is everything okay?” George asked.

“Karen found out about Georgia,” Mary said.

“What?” George said.

“She found the bag in the trunk of the car,” Mary explained.

“Where is she?” George asked.

“She is at my house.” Mary said, “She wants to see you on her terms.”

“Okay, did she say anything?” George asked.

“I would rather you guys have the conversation,” Mary replied.

The rest of the ride remained silent. When they arrived at Mary’s house, she escorted George inside. The room was dark and very quiet.

“What’s going on?” George asked.

“You are getting what you should have gotten a long time ago,” Mary said.

“What’s that?” George asked.

“What you always wanted,” Mary said as she guided George into her bedroom.

There she instructed George to get undressed and sit in a chair near the door. There she assisted as George was transformed into Georgia.
Starting with a naked canvas, Mary helped Georgia into a tight pair of panties and black lingerie including a lace bra, garter belt, and nylons. Georgia was then handed a tight blue dress which Mary pulled from her closet along with a pair of blue low-heeled pumps. After she was dressed she was bound to the chair at the wrists and ankles.

“Time to go,” Mary said.

“Go where?” Georgia asked.

“School.” Mary said, “You have a few lessons to learn.”

“What?” Georgia asked.

Mary didn’t reply, she simply rolled the chair out of the bedroom and down the hall to her guestroom.
A room she frequently used as a playroom. When she opened the door Georgia saw Karen dressed in black leather with a very serious look on her face. She looked at Georgia as Mary rolled her in and had to initially take in the new look her husband was sporting. After Mary moved Georgia into position she pulled Karen aside and reminded her of the plan for the evening. Karen’s demeanor returned to a very strong aggressive dominatrix.

She leaned in and whispered to Georgia, “So this is what you like, is it?
Let’s just see how much of this you can really take.”

“What are you doing?” Georgia asked.

“Shut your fucking mouth, you sissy fag.” Karen shouted.

Georgia then looked over to Mary who looked a little shocked as well. Karen then directed Mary to bring over the rolling make-up table.

“You need your makeup if you are going to be one of my sissy slaves.”
Karen said.

“What are you doing Karen?” Georgia said.

Karen then walked up quickly and slapped Georgia across the face and said, “You will keep your mouth closed and take what you are given. No one lies to me and keeps secrets from me without paying the price.”

“…but…” Georgia tried to explain before being interrupted.

“But nothing… you want to be a sissy, that is fine with me, but you will not deceive me ever again.” Karen said.

Karen then sat in front of Georgia as Mary stepped out of the room. Karen then proceeded to doll up Georgia with her makeup. As each layer of makeup was applied, Georgia never said a word. Karen was also quiet although as she moved in closer she would flash a curious grin.
After she was done, she called Mary back in who changed her clothes as well wearing a pink lingerie outfit complete with pink stockings. Karen had her stand next to Georgia as she walked to the closet where she found Mary’s toy chest. As she browsed through the endless selection, she would look back over to Mary and Georgia as if to look for a reaction… soon she would get one… when she picked out a nice long black dildo. She walked up to the two of them as they waited patiently and then took Mary by the hand and guided her to the bed.

“Lick it whore.” Karen said.

Without hesitation, Mary opened her mouth and began licking the long dark shaft. As she did Karen looked over at Georgia and noticed there was not much reaction, but she had their full attention.

“Would you like a taste?” Karen asked Georgia.

Before Georgia could answer, she grabbed Mary by the back of her head as she was kneeling in front of her and pulled her to her pussy.

“Eat my pussy you whore.” Karen said.

Karen eventually fell back on the bed while Mary went down on her licking her clit and penetrating Karen with her tongue.


As she was pleasuring Karen, Mary began to moan as she was stroking herself as she was on her knees. Karen looked over at Georgia who was helpless to move and could only sprout a huge hard-on pressing through her tight black panties – tenting her blue dress. When she saw this, Karen pulled Mary up and kissed her passionately and then whispered in her ear. The two then looked at Georgia and Mary then got up and walked over to Georgia.

She dropped to her knees and pulled up the skirt exposing Georgia’s surprise. After gently stroking her cock, Mary took a firm grip and slid her tongue up and down the shaft causing Georgia to squirm uncontrollably.
As Mary continued to pleasure Georgia orally, she and Georgia looked at Karen who took the long black cock and began to penetrate her pussy over and over as she watched her husband being pleasured by another woman.

Right before Georgia exploded Karen pulled Mary off Georgia’s cock and directed her to the bed where she had Mary on all fours. Karen then bent down behind her and began to eat Mary from behind.
Getting her nice and wet. Once again helpless to join in Georgia sat there and watched as Karen slid her tongue inside Mary over and over causing her to jerk constantly as Karen found her sweet spot again and again.


Karen continued to pleasure Mary only looking up to take a breath and observe Georgia who was eagerly awaiting her turn.

“Do you want some of this?” Karen asked.

Georgia didn’t know how to answer, but it didn’t matter. She pulled Mary up from her hair and threw her on the floor. She then untied Georgia and pulled her to the bed bending her over in the same position Mary was in. She and Mary then tied Georgia to the bed then Karen moved to the head of the bed and sat directly in front of Georgia moving her midsection closer to Georgia’s face. She then grabbed Georgia by the hair and pressed her face against Karen’s wet pussy.

“EAT IT, SISSY!” Karen said.

Georgia very gently began to lick and nibble at Karen’s clit. Karen began to moan as she had done many times before with her husband… only now it was with “someone new”. Mary remained behind them fingering her clit and slowly rubbing Georgia’s ass. As she did she would occasionally run her fingers down the crack of Georgia’s ass – causing Georgia to moan as Mary’s fingers got closer to her man-clit.

Karen then gave Mary the signal and Mary got up and squirted lube all over her hands and Georgia’s ass.
She then handed Mary the long black dildo and Mary proceeded to rub it against Georgia’s backside making sure it was nice and lubed as well. As she did Georgia began to moan in approval.

“You like that cock on your ass?” Karen asked.

“Uh huh…” Georgia replied.

“You want that cock?” Karen asked.

“Yes…” Georgia said.

“You want Mary to stick that cock in your tight pussy?” Karen asked.

“Oh yes, please,” Georgia replied.

Mary then stood up and strapped the dildo to her leather harness and slowly penetrated Georgia’s sweet virgin ass.

“OOOOOOOO….. MMMMMMMMM…. UUUUHHHHHHHH.” Georgia uttered in approval as she continued to pleasure Karen.

“OOOO… you are so tight Georgia,” Mary said.

Mary then started to move faster and faster, which was becoming uncomfortable for Georgia.

“AHHHHHEEEEE…. NOOOO….” Georgia moaned as she tried to move.

“SHUT UP SISSY WHORE.” Karen said as she moved Georgia’s ass back into position. “TAKE IT LIKE THE SISSY WHORE YOU ARE. YOU WANTED TO BE A GIRL… THEN YOU TAKE THAT COCK.”

“AHHH… AHHH… AHHH… MMMM…” Georgia continued to groan.


Mary noticed Karen was starting to enjoy being in control and that Georgia was enjoying the gift she was being given. Mary continued to slowly press the cock inside Georgia. As she moved faster, Georgia started to groan louder, but now it was in approval.


“NO… AH… UH… UH… UH…” Georgia said.


Mary then looked at Karen and it was time to move to the next chapter. Mary pulled out quickly and then moved over to Karen who was already bending over on the floor. Georgia could see her from the side and watched as Mary bent down and inserted the cock in her as Karen did the same with the other end. The two began to press their asses together to the point where the dildo disappeared in each of them.

Georgia continued to watch as she continued to stay hard as a rock. But the night wasn’t over for Georgia. Mary and Karen got up and moved to the loveseat next to the bed. Mary clapped her hands together and in walked one of her friends. A buff rugged man who had been watching all night. Georgia was in no position to put up a fight and remained at the ready with her ass in the air. The man walked up and Karen initially wet his cock by licking and sucking him making sure he was nice and hard and ready for a tight pussy. She then directed him to Georgia.

“She’s all yours, you big stud,” Karen said.

The man walked up behind Georgia and slid his thick rock hard cock inside Georgia.

“OOOHHHH… my god… it’s so big.” Georgia said, “UH… UH… UH… YES…”

“Do you like that sissy fag” Karen asked.

“OH YES… I LOVE IT.” Georgia replied.

“WHAT DO YOU LIKE?” Karen asked.

“UH… UH… I… LOVE… COCK IN MY ASS.” she replied.

“WHAT?” Karen asked again.



“YES…” Georgia said.

“YES, WHAT?” Karen replied.

“YES, I WANT CUM IN MY ASS,” she replied.

The man moved quickly and as deep as he could until he was ready to explode.


“AH… UH… UH… UH… MMMMMM… RRRRRR…. OOOHHHHHHHMMMMMMM.” the man uttered as he blew his wad inside Georgia.

“That’s it… keep it in there…” Karen said, “That’s a good slave…. Did you like that?”

“UH HUH…” Georgia said as she was recovering.

Karen dismissed the man and Mary tried to tell Karen that Georgia had had enough, but Karen was now enjoying her control and was not going to let it go. She planned ahead and clapped her hands again and in walked two more men. Georgia was now starting to get scared. She wasn’t ready for this.

One of the men stood in front of Karen and pointed at Georgia. He then turned and went to work on Georgia. While that happened Karen laid on the bed underneath Georgia while the other man lifted her legs in the air and banged her while she sucked Georgia’s cock… and all of this while Georgia was getting ass fucked again.

While the four of them were going at it Mary sat back and watched… just long enough to realize this was not going to end well for anyone. She eventually left the room and allowed them to continue.

When Karen was done, she instructed the man to stand in front of Georgia and opened Georgia’s mouth so she could enjoy the cum explosion that was about to come her way.
Just as he came all over her face and in her mouth, the stud behind her was cumming all over her ass. The men soon left and Karen and Georgia remained.

“I hope you enjoyed it,” Karen said.

Georgia simply nodded in approval.

“Because you won’t be getting any of this ever again you fag.” Karen said angrily, “I am through with you and I want a divorce.”

Georgia was stunned, but was still tied up and could do nothing as she walked out on him. As she walked out she threatened to out her husband if he tried to fight the divorce. The humiliation alone was enough to bury him professionally. Karen put on her long raincoat and looked at Mary as she walked out – the two never spoke again.

Mary waited not knowing that she left Georgia bound in the bedroom. She listened at the door and could hear her crying, when she walked in she could see her still covered in cum and exhausted on the bed. She carefully untied her and helped her to the bathroom where she could get cleaned up.

Georgia told Mary what happened and the threat Karen made if I fought the divorce.

“I wouldn’t worry about that,” Mary said.

“Why not?” Georgia said.

“She doesn’t want to fight you either,” Mary said as she walked to the bed.

“I don’t understand,” Georgia said.

Mary simply pointed to the ceiling fan, the vent over the front door, and the top shelf of the closet.

“I don’t do anything without being prepared. If she is going to try and out you, you can do the same to her… technically she cheated on you.” Mary explained.

“But I am in that film too,” Georgia said.

“Are you sure?” Mary asked, “I see a woman with way too much makeup on to be recognized.”

Georgia was now a little more relieved, but had to ask, “Why?”

“I knew that it would be a matter of time before she would do this… I just pushed her a little.” Mary explained, “She had been cheating on you for the last few months… with the two guys who joined you tonight.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Georgia asked.

“I figured it was something you always wanted and you deserved a little gift in return” Mary replied, “Although I am sorry, I didn’t know she would be that rough.”

“It’s okay, I now know what it’s like…” Georgia said.

“Well, hopefully, you and I can enjoy that together someday,” Mary said.

“ABSOLUTELY,” Georgia said as she and Mary embraced.

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