Time for Reflection

Let me try and explain the circumstances that led me to this difficult decision.

For those who know me best, I have been struggling for years to figure out not only my true identity but my true purpose.  After years of trying to find the right therapist, I took the suggestion of a friend and decided to write.  It started as a simply journal to capture my thoughts in hopes that I could calmly reflect on them, but knowing that I put pen to paper also made me nervous because the truth was right there in black and white.  So, I stopped.  Fast forward to my first failed marriage and I needed an outlet and came across many of those journals I kept packed away.  They turned into my first published book “Am I Still the Victim”.  

Now some of you might be thinking… why did he publish if he was so scared of being outed?  Well to be honest it was one of the scariest things I had ever done, but with a pen name, it was easier to reveal.  That said, very few people read it and it didn’t sell, but of course, I wasn’t looking to make a million dollars on book sales, but it did light a flame when it came to writing.  I began to enjoy it and with the help of another dear friend and writer herself, she helped nurture and fuel that flame and I started writing more provocative and erotic stories focused on people like me and other people who have found what I sought for years.  Something I was confused about and something I thought I needed to come to grips with… my identity.

After the chaos of COVID, I learned a lot about myself and those answers have come to light, but before you ask, they are none of your damn business.  What it means is that while I have found those answers, I have not lost my love of writing in this particular genre.  The spark is still there and I want it to continue.  So, I have continued to write stories. I haven’t published anything in almost a year, but I am still writing.  I am not concerning myself the self publishing issues and I am not really that concerned about the money, since I wasn’t making a lot anyway thanks to Amazon.  Instead I have decided to place my stories here. Where any ADULT can see them, read them and appreciate them.

So, for those of you looking for my old stories, you have found them. For those looking for my published work on Amazon, guess what, they are here now. Free and available whenever you want. All I ask is that you not take advantage of my generosity. Don’t be abusive and most importantly, don’t be a child – either literally or figuratively. Take in my stories for what I originally intended them for… to entertain you… the reader, and don’t be shy, tell me what you really think of the stories I have written.

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